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All Lost in the Supermarket

A charming one woman monologue, serving a witty insight into the day-to-day grind behind a supermarket till.


As a producer, I also aid in creative decisions to help the directors achieve their goals by practical means. 'All Lost in the Supermarket' was shot in a theatre due to my input. The directors also took onboard my ideas of a painted back drop and a certain supermarket's colour scheme. I also suggested the use of puppets as extras when we struggled to find suitable numbers, a creative decision which greatly impacted the final style of the piece.


InFilm Bristol

Film Production

Maia Miller-Lewis

Director, Scriptwriter

Jasmine Silk


Madeline Bowers

Producer, Director of Photography, Set Designer, Voice-over Artist

Olivia Savage


Elli Purse

Executive Producer

Asha Osborne Grinter

Lead Actor

Adam Hashmi

Voice-over Artist

Sara-Robyn Pang

Gaffer, Production Assistant

Kat McWilliam

Editor, Spark

Amy Rose Coleclough

Assistant Director, Sound Recordist

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